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Virtualization session at MacTech Conference 2013

October 19, 2013 Leave a comment

I’ll be speaking at MacTech Conference 2013, which is taking place from November 6th – 8th in Los Angeles. I’ll be talking about how I’ve been using VMware’s virtualization solutions in my environment and the lessons I’ve learned.

You can see the entire list of speakers at If you’ve been thinking about attending, seats are still available. Register now!

Downloading Microsoft’s Remote Desktop installer package from the App Store

October 19, 2013 19 comments

Microsoft recently released a new version of its Remote Desktop application, which is used to connect from a Mac to a Windows-based computer and work with programs and files on that PC. Like previous versions of the Remote Desktop application, it’s a free application but the new Remote Desktop application is only available via the Mac App Store and doesn’t currently have a separate installer available for download.

However, if you have already added Remote Desktop to your list of App Store applications, it is possible to get a copy of the Remote Desktop installer from the Mac App Store using a process I’ve previously documented. See below the jump for details.

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