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Installing custom OS X builds using DeployStudio and createOSXinstallPkg

July 15, 2013 11 comments

From time to time, Apple will release a custom build of Mac OS X to support a new Mac model. A current example is the Mid 2013 MacBook Airs, which were released after 10.8.4, but before 10.8.5. Since they have hardware that wasn’t accounted for in the standard 10.8.4 software, they’re running a custom build of 10.8.4.

Mac App Store 10.8.4 build number: OS X 10.8.4, build 12E55

Mid 2013 MacBook Air 10.8.4 build number: OS X 10.8.4, build 12E3067

While the Air’s custom build should run fine on older 10.8-compatible Macs, the Mid 2013 MacBook Airs aren’t able to run from the 10.8.4 build currently available from the Mac App Store.

In the event that you need to reinstall OS X on a Mac that needs a custom build, Apple’s solution is to use Recovery HD or Internet Recovery to download and install the correct version of OS X for that Mac. However, if your network connection is behind a proxy server, you may not be able to connect back to Apple while booted from Recovery HD, or be able to boot from Internet Recovery.

To help address this, you can use DeployStudio and OS install packages created by createOSXinstallPkg to help address situations where you can’t use Apple’s Recovery, but still need the ability to install custom builds of Mac OS X. See below the jump for the procedure.

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Using Internet Apple Diagnostics

July 10, 2013 1 comment

One of the changes Apple has made with the 2013 MacBook Airs is new hardware testing. Apple has moved on from Apple Hardware Test with its vintage Mac OS 9-like look to the new and more automated Apple Diagnostics. As with Internet Apple Hardware Test, Internet Apple Diagnostics can also be run via Apple’s cloud services. See below the jump for the details.

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Casper’s Hidden URLs

July 5, 2013 5 comments

Casper’s JSS server has some hidden URLs that JAMF Software has built in for various purposes. As part of a discussion today, the folks in the ##osx-server IRC room pulled together a list of the ones that had appeared either in JAMF Software’s documentation, JAMF Nation, or in other media. See below the jump for details.

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