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New Juniper SSL VPN client available for iPhone

September 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Apple’s built a great Cisco IPSec client into iOS 4.x, but until recently there hasn’t been support for Juniper’s SSL VPN. Now there is, thanks to Juniper’s recent release of the Junos Pulse client for iOS 4. To get it, search the App Store for “Junos Pulse” for the free download. At my own shop, we’re using it with RSA tokens and the Junos Pulse client works fine with those.

Because it runs in the background, the Junos Pulse client requires iOS 4.x and it should work with any iDevice that can run iOS 4.x. Unfortunately, that means (for now) the iPad can’t run it. Hopefully, iOS 4.2’s release in November fixes that problem for iPad users.

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