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9 days to the wedding.

May 19, 2006 Leave a comment

Only nine days and counting to the wedding. I think I’m supposed to be nervous and checking for escape routes, but I’m far too excited to be doing any of that. Nine days! Whooo! 

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Fun with iMac RAM.

I’m fixing up a 333MHz iMac running OS X for my parents, to replace the Power Macintosh 7500 with 9.1 that they’ve been using for the past few years. As part of that, I’ve upgraded the hard drive from the original 6 gig hard drive to a new 100 gig one (way overkill for what they need, but 100 gig drives were the smallest available at CompUSA today) and I’m upgrading the RAM from 128 megs to 768 megs. Unfortunately, I forgot that the iMac maxes out at 512 megs, and that it doesn’t like PC133 memory all that much. How the iMac registers its displeasure is interesting; it’ll show half the memory. So even though I’ve got a 512 meg stick in, it shows up as 256. With a PC 133 256 meg stick and PC133 512 meg stick, it shows up as 384. 
Fortunately for my sanity, I’ve got a Pismo with 512 megs of PC100 RAM in it, so I’m planning on swapping out the PC133 memory in the iMac for the PC100 in the Pismo. The Pismo can use PC133 without a problem, so it’ll get the 768 megs. All’s well that ends well, I say. 
The hard drive, on the other hand, works great. 

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Happy Cinco De Mayo, everybody.

It’s Cinco De Mayo, and it’s Friday. Doesn’t get better than that. Also, it’s now 22 days until I get married. That’s darn good too. 

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