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Watching "The Mummy" on TNT and feeling puzzled.

June 30, 2003 Leave a comment

I’m watching The Mummy on TNT and I was struck by a thought.

[Spoiler Alert]
Read no further if you haven’t seen the movie and you don’t want to know a key element in the plot.













Namely, what the hell were Pharoah’s guards thinking? Their way of dealing with Imhotep was to mummify him alive, and cursed with the Hom-Dai, the most feared curse of all. However, then they (and their descendants, who don’t get a paycheck or benefits) must mount a guard over him essentially forever because if he is ever roused from his pain-wracked afterlife (and yes, there’s a holy manual with a section on “How to rouse the people cursed by the Hom-Dai”), he will come back as an immortal demon with power over the waters and sands of Egypt.

Methinks that they could have done better to simply behead him and have done with him. I know, it would have resulted in “Short Movie Syndrome” but that’s a plot hole you could drive a truck through.

That being said, the Mummy series are among my favorite action movies hands-down. Brendan Fraser has some great one-liners throughout both of them.

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Man Sells Fake Bronze, Gets Paid in Counterfeit

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I am Canadian?

June 26, 2003 Leave a comment
You are: 80% or 90% Canadian!!

Wow, you’ve got it all, kid! You’ve lived here all you’re life, you know what hockey is, (and probably who every player on the Toronto Maple Leafs is), you’ve eaten a beaver tail, and you’ve seen “Talking to Americans”! There’s not much more Canadian you can be!

Take the
How Canadian are YOU?” Quiz
by Daestwen

Put this test in your live journal/dead journal/blog:

Never been more frightened of myself in my entire life. To think, all this time, I was 80 – 90% Canadian. What’s next? A manic fascination with Kids in the Hall? Joining the Colin Mochrie Fan Club? Putting mayo on my fries? Horrors! [1]

[1] For the humor-impaired, this was sarcasm. I like Canada and Canadians. I’d go so far as to say that I can envision nobody else occupying the northern third of North America that I like more. Except the Americans living in Alaska, of course.

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Cellphone Gives Adulterers Away

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Slacking will not be tolerated! You must post!

June 26, 2003 Leave a comment

Yeah, yeah. I’ve been slacking. It’s been in a good cause though, I’ve been working quite hard. Tomorrow’s Thursday though, which is almost as good as Friday. Friday’s good for obvious reasons. Saturday, though, Saturday I’m going to be working like a dog helping Yess get the windows in the Parental Units’ domicile clean and sparkling. That’s right, some people kick back on the weekends. I do windows. You know why? Because anything, even washing windows, is good when it allows me to spend time with my bestest friend. 🙂

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Nude Dancers Ad Was Misleading?

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Commiserating with Jords.

June 22, 2003 Leave a comment

called last night, quite late and quite upset about OotP. Her main issue with it was that she didn't know how she was supposed to feel about it. Parts were really good, but other parts were..well, she talks about them here. (SPOILER WARNING: Don't go there if you don't want to know large chunks of the book.)

I think part of the problem is that sometimes, a great author turns out a book he/she thinks is wonderful and the readers get it and go “What the hell?!?!” Order of the Phoenix may be one of those books. Haven't read it myself (and I don't plan to), so I can't comment on that. I have seen it in other authors though, and they generally fall into two categories (and yes, I hear the screams of “It's more complicated than that!” I agree, but I wanted to make this a short post):

1. Everybody has an off day – The book's not what it should have been. The author thinks it's great, the readers disagree. Generally, the next book is better. Sometimes there's two duds in a row.

2. The Brain Eater's got them – Doff your hat, they're circling the drain. My own personal example of this is Tom Clancy. After I saw at the end of “The Sum of All Fears” (good book, awful movie which twisted the book completely out of whack) that Jack Ryan was now President of the United States, I knew that I was in for Deep Hurting in the next book (and I was.)

Based on what Jords told me, I think it's option one for Ms. Rowling. Also, part of the howls of confused disappointment emanating from the HP community may be the result of a couple of things. Devoted fans have been waiting years for this book, and the hype has been intense. It's not unreasonable to see that a lot of people wanted something that would justify their years of waiting and were disconsolate when the book's reality didn't match their expectation.

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Police Seize Hashish Hidden in Squid Truck

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Continuing with my Saturday of Accomplishment.

June 22, 2003 Leave a comment

I've managed to get mostly done with my list for the day. It was rather short to begin with, but items were added at the last minute, so I feel quite accomplished.

The List:

Fix PowerBook – done!
Fix PHP on my OS X Server box – done!
Frame some of the pictures that I got from France – done!
Get the boxes full of computer stuff out of my living room – done!
Clean off my kitchen table – done, but then I put the non-framed art work on it again, as I wanted it somewhere safe. So needs doing again. Still with the wooT!
Clean my kitchen – done!
Go grocery shopping – done! (I love Peapod.)
Hang artwork – mostly done, need to head back to Ollie's for more frames.
Figured out my 401k – done!

Now, I just need to get the list for tomorrow done, and I'm all set.

Moment of Zen

Potter Author Saved World from Moaning Toilet Seat

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Whoo hoo! My PowerBook's fixed!

June 21, 2003 Leave a comment

My parts came in yesterday, so I took apart my laptop today to swap out the top and bottom plastics. Now that I’m speaking from experience, I’ll just say this: Kids, don’t try this at home. If you do not have access to the Apple service manuals or do not have the money to spend on getting a completely new one, take it to the shop. Trust me.

One nice thing: the top half came with new speakers. You can tell. 🙂

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‘Bitch Boss’ Remark No Way to Win a Job.

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Must See TV.

June 19, 2003 Leave a comment

Normally, I’d leave this for the moment of zen, but this is funny enough that I thought I’d post it in its entirety.

Hard Porn Interrupts TV Documentary
Thu Jun 19, 9:52 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters) – German viewers of a TV documentary on the human body got more detail than they bargained for when the program was interrupted by scenes of hardcore sex, a cable channel said on Thursday.

Scores of outraged science fans called XXP TV to complain after an episode from the BBC’s “Superhuman” series examining respiratory disorders was replaced by images of group sex from the Spice Platinum channel involving one man and several women.

Monika Weitkamp of the Berlin-based documentary channel said the cable carriers had mixed up the feeds. The voiceover for the documentary, dubbed into German, continued during the pornographic interlude.

“A lot of people watching it with their kids called up in a rage to complain. They’d probably never seen anything like it in their lives,” she said.


I think my favorite part of the story has to be that the documentary voiceover discussing respiratory disorders continued during the group sex scene. Depending on what it was saying, it could have even gone with the scene.

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Sex Shop Chain Wins Fight Over Job Ads

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Harry Potter quotes revealed!

June 19, 2003 Leave a comment

In the wake of the New York Daily News posting excerpts from Order of the Phoenix, I decided to post my own Internet-found Harry Potter excerpt. Please don’t spread it around, I don’t want to get sued:

“Dumbledore lowered his hands and surveyed Harry through his half-moon
glasses. “It is time,” he said, “for me to tell you what I should have
told you five years ago, Harry. Please sit down. I am going to tell
you everything.”

“Harry sat down obediently on the chair in front of Dumbledore’s desk.
‘Okay,’ he said, glancing nervously at the Professor, ‘I’m ready for the
truth, sir.’

Dumbledore stopped pacing back and forth, and stared directly at Harry.
‘The truth, young Potter, is that your mother was a hamster and your father
smelled of elderberries.'”


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Man Scared to Death by Horror Movie?

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Shamelessly stolen from <lj user="feefeenella">

June 18, 2003 Leave a comment
Magic Number 13
Job Most Hated Person – Ever
Personality Focussed And Driven
Temperament Steely
Sexual Straight
Likely To Win The World Cup
Me – In A Word Startling
Brought to you by MemeJack

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Cheating Women Catching Up with Men?

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Always have a script when doing your voicemail.

June 17, 2003 Leave a comment

I finally got my own phone today. Sort of. I was inheriting a phone extension from our team lead, who now doesn’t have a phone (long story). So I was recording my messages and was quite glad that I was able to re-record the greetings. Why? Because I was producing such gems as these:

“Hi, you’ve reached [Flounder] at [number]. If you’re trying to reach [Team lead], he’s…[totally forgetting what I was going to say]…sh*t.”

I then went back and wrote a script.

After I got my greeting properly recorded, I then had to record the one for while I’m on the phone. “Hi, you’ve reached [Flounder] at [number]. I’m on the phone right now, but once I get off….”

Officemate starts laughing, I start laughing.

I then went back and wrote a script.

I did manage to say my name for the automated greeting without a script. Whoo hoo!

Moment of Zen

Thousands of Latest Harry Potter Books Stolen

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