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Apple Device Management book now available for purchase from Apple Books

December 30, 2019 7 comments

For the folks who have asked about eBook purchasing options for the Apple Device Management book I wrote with my colleague Charles Edge, I’m happy to say that you can now also get our book from Apple Books.

IMG 0941

That means that you can now get it in digital format from the following vendors:

If you’re looking for a digital copy, there are lots of options available. Hopefully, you’ll find one that works best for you.

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Apple Device Management book now available for purchase from Amazon and Apress

December 23, 2019 Leave a comment

I’ve been working on a new book with my colleague Charles Edge and I’m delighted to announce it’s now available for regular sale from both Amazon and Apress, our publisher!



This quality item is suitable for any gift-giving occasion (including the ones occurring this week!) in addition to being the perfect something for yourself. For those who have asked about it being available in electronic format, it’s available in the following formats depending on the seller:

  • Amazon: Available for the Kindle
  • Apress: Available in PDF and ePub format
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Deploying Terminal profile settings using macOS configuration profiles

December 19, 2019 Leave a comment

A number of Mac admins have their Terminal appearance settings configured just the way they like them, but it can be a bit of manual work to export and import them. After having to manually configure and export these settings more than a few times, I wanted to see if it was possible to export these settings in a way to make it easy to convert into a configuration profile.

With a little work and research, I was able to write a script which handled exporting the Terminal profile I wanted into a properly formatted plist file. For more details, please see below the jump.

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Enabling or disabling all Jamf Pro policies using the API

December 16, 2019 Leave a comment

Every so often, it may be useful to be able to enable or disable all of your current Jamf Pro policies. In those cases, depending on how many policies you have, it can be tedious to have to do them one at a time using the admin console.

However, with the right API calls in a script, it’s straightforward to perform these tasks using the Jamf Pro API. For more information, please see below the jump.

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