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Using AutoPkg to build a Cisco AnyConnect installer

May 23, 2022 Leave a comment

HCS Technology Group posted a white paper recently, showing how to deploy Cisco AnyConnect using Jamf Pro. As part of that documentation, HCS described how to create an installer choices XML file and then use it to create a custom Cisco AnyConnect installer package.

It’s possible to replicate this packaging workflow, including generating an installer choices XML file, using AutoPkg. For more details, please see below the jump.

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Safari 15.5 embedded content slow to load

May 18, 2022 5 comments

As part of the release of Safari 15.5, there seems to be an issue with Safari being able to load embedded content on some websites. One example is the US State Department’s site for reporting a lost or stolen passport:

This site has embedded content and Safari is very slow to load that site. The behavior seems to be tied to the Hide IP address from trackers setting in Safari’s privacy settings:

Screen Shot 2022 05 18 at 4 09 53 PM


With that setting enabled, slow website loading:

With that setting disabled, normal website loading:

Discussing standard versus admin rights, hosted by Kandji

May 18, 2022 Leave a comment

Kandji invited me to discuss the topic of whether you should set up users in your work environment with standard user rights or admin user rights. It’s a great topic and was a lot of fun to dig into, so I’m happy to say that they recorded the discussion between me and Steven Vogt. If you’re interested, the discussion is available on YouTube and I’ve linked it below:

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