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Workaround for timeouts when deleting installer packages from Jamf Pro

I use AutoPkg and JSSImporter to keep my Jamf Pro server updated with the latest installers for the software used by my shop. However, this means that I usually have a large number of no-longer-needed installers stored in my Jamf Pro server’s distribution point and I need to periodically clear the obsolete packages out by deleting them. Recently, as part of removing 500+ unneeded packages from Jamf Pro using a script, I noticed the following behavior occurring:

1. Run an API command similar to the one below:

username@computername ~ % /usr/bin/curl -su username:'password' "https://jamf.pro.server.here/JSSResource/packages/id/1213" -X DELETE

2. Long pause (around 60 seconds)
3. Receive the following output:

<head><title>504 Gateway Time-out</title></head>
<center><h1>504 Gateway Time-out</h1></center>

4. Check the package and it has been deleted from Jamf Pro.

The 504 Gateway Time-out error indicated that either the load balancer in front my Jamf Pro server was timing out before the API command could report success or failure. I was seeing this behavior when running the API commands manually or as part of a script, so I decided to see if I saw the same behavior when deleting the package from the Jamf Pro admin console. When I checked, I did.

I sent in a support request to Jamf to ask about this and there is a PI open for this:

PI-009627: Having a large amount of packages uploaded to a distribution point can cause various timeouts

For others experiencing this issue, while Jamf addresses this product issue, the workaround for the timeout issue is (if possible) to increase the timeout value. In my case, increasing the load balancer timeout from 60 seconds to 120 addressed the timeout issue and allowed my API and GUI package deletions to complete successfully without timing out.

Note: This does not fix the issue of the package deletion taking a while. It just makes sure that the deletion command, either via the API or using the GUI in the admin console, doesn’t timeout before reporting success or failure.

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