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Lion, why did you hide ~/Library?

With every new OS release, Apple does at least one thing that a) annoys me and b) makes me wonder about the thought process that went behind it. In 10.5, it was the way the OS asked me “Do you want to make this a Time Machine backup?” every time I plugged in a hard drive. In 10.6, it was the rage-inducing way I effectively couldn’t configure the firewall from the command line beyond “On” and “Off” without resorting to PlistBuddy. In 10.7, it’s the way the OS hides ~/Library.

I managed to fix my 10.5 annoyance, I’ve got nothing still for my 10.6 annoyance, and I’ve written this script for 10.7. Use it in good health.

Note: I’m sure Apple did something in 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4, but it’s so long ago, I really can’t remember……..oh yeah, now I remember!

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