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Pretty good day.

Tuesday, nothing had been really right with the world. Stuff that was supposed to work had broken, and I wasn't getting any good answers from anybody. Yesterday, I was out sick. Today, it's a lot better because, while I was out sick, I was able to get the world to hold still just long enough to figure out fixes for what broke on Tuesday. Funny how that can happen, isn't it?

I'm heading out this evening to finish up the mortgage refinance on the home that and I share. When we bought the place, we did it with fancy 100% interest-only no-money-actually-down financing. Now, I want to be able to keep it without worrying four years down the line that rising interest rates are going to send my monthly payment through the roof so I'm refinancing tonight with a traditional 30 year payments-and-interest mortgage. It's raising my monthly payment a couple of hundred dollars a month, but this way, La and I will know what our mortgage payment is going to be ten and twenty years down the line. With the Fed promising that they're going to continue to raise interest rates (to put a cap on inflation and crank the economy back a smidge), refinancing to lock yourself in at a good rate is a smart thing to do right now.

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