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AutoPkgr receipe now available for AutoPkg

August 21, 2014 Leave a comment

To go along with my use of AutoPkg, I’ve started relying on AutoPkgr to automate running AutoPkg and notifying me when I had new updates. While I was checking over my current list of AutoPkg receipes today, I went to look for a recipe for AutoPkgr. To my surprise, no such recipe appeared to exist.

Thanks in large part to Tim Sutton‘s GitHubReleasesInfoProvider for AutoPkg, I’ve now been able to post download and package recipes for AutoPkgr. The recipes and support files are available from here on my GitHub repo:

AutoPkgr – A GUI for AutoPkg

July 15, 2014 13 comments

The Linde Group has released a new tool on Github: AutoPkgr, a GUI interface for AutoPkg. In my working with the initial release today, I’ve been impressed with the problems it solves for Mac admins who want to get started using AutoPkg but aren’t sure where to begin.


To use AutoPkgr, you will need to have the following pre-requisites:

1. OS X 10.9.x

2. Xcode and/or the Xcode Command Line Tools installed

3. Acceptance of the Xcode license agreement.

4. A logged-in user to run the AutoPkgr application in. This user can be a standard user or have admin rights.

Once the prerequisites have been met, see below the jump for details on installation and configuration.

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Using AutoPkg to download and create installers for Firefox

November 10, 2013 6 comments

As part of preparing my Casper server for its eventual upgrade to Casper 9.x, I’m transitioning from using bundle-style packages to using flat packages wherever possible.

As part of that effort, I needed to repackage a few versions of Firefox that I have made available in my shop’s Self Service. I was able to do this with the help of AutoPkg’s Firefox receipe. See below the jump for details.

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