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Backing up Der Flounder Revisited Once Again

March 3, 2023 Leave a comment

Eleven years ago, I wrote a post on how I back up this blog. Overall, the reasons I’m backing up haven’t changed:

  • I like this blog and don’t want to see it or its data disappear because of data loss
  •’s free hosting doesn’t provide me with an automated backup method.

Two years ago, I wrote another post¬†on how I needed to switch from hosting on a Mac to now hosting on a Raspberry Pi. The overall methodology hadn’t changed, I was creating a nightly mirror using HTTrack. This worked fine until the latest move to a new host in February 2023, where HTTrack was failing for me because the Raspberry Pi was running headless without a connected display and HTTrack was having problems with trying to launch a headless browser. After an hour of futzing with it, I moved to using wget. The wget tool has a number of handy options for mirroring websites, including the following:

  • –mirror: Makes the download recursive, with recursive browsing and infinite recursion depth.
  • –convert-links: Convert all the links to relative, so it will be suitable for offline viewing.
  • –adjust-extension: Adds suitable filename extensions to filenames, (html, css, etc.) depending on their content-type.

Based on my research, using wget would be a decent replacement for what I had been doing with HTTrack and wouldn’t have the problems I was seeing with HTTrack not being able to launch a headless browser session. For those wanting to know more, please see below the jump.

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