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Running Jamf Pro inventory updates at startup time using a Jamf Pro policy

October 9, 2022 1 comment

As a follow-up to my previous post on running Jamf Pro inventory updates at startup, several folks have asked if the approach I showed was better or more efficient than using a Jamf Pro policy to run the inventory update. I thought about it and I can’t say for certain if the LaunchDaemon-driven approach I described is better than using a Jamf Pro policy.

The advantage of the LaunchDaemon-driven approach has is that the Mac admin has control of the options being used. In my example solution’s case, I have jamf checkJSSConnection checking for up to 60 seconds before giving up. Depending on your network setup, it may take that long before your Mac can verify it can talk to the Jamf Pro server.

If you’re running an inventory update via a Jamf policy’s startup trigger, you’re using whatever configuration Jamf has chosen for making sure the policy is triggered when you want it to be. Jamf’s choices may be the right ones, but those choices are being made by Jamf and not the individual Mac admin.

That said, collecting and submitting inventory updates to Jamf Pro is a problem which can be solved multiple ways and what I presented in my previous blog post was a solution, but not the only solution. With that in mind, please see below the jump for details on how to solve the problem of collecting and submitting inventory updates at startup using a Jamf Pro policy.

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Running Jamf Pro inventory updates at startup time

October 9, 2022 6 comments

With the release of macOS Ventura expected this month, an important topic to many Mac admins is having their systems management tools detect as quickly as possible which of their Macs have upgraded to macOS Ventura. The reasons for this are varied, but one particular reason is to get configuration profiles deployed as soon as possible to manage new features and functionality in macOS Ventura.

One way to ensure quick detection if you’re using Jamf Pro is to have your managed Macs submit an inventory update to the Jamf Pro server when the Mac starts up. For one way to do this, please see below the jump.

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