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Basic Authentication deprecated for the Jamf Pro Classic API

January 4, 2022 7 comments

As part of the release of Jamf Pro 10.35, the following note was added to the Deprecations and Removals section of the Jamf Pro 10.35.0 Release Notes:

Basic authentication — Jamf will discontinue support for Basic authentication in the Classic API in a future release of Jamf Pro (estimated removal date: August-December 2022) for enhanced security. Jamf will provide additional information at a later date. To disable Basic authentication before support is removed, contact Jamf Support via Jamf Account.

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To help folks prepare for this change, as of Jamf Pro 10.35.0, both Basic Authentication and using Bearer Tokens generated by the Jamf Pro API can be used for Jamf Pro Classic API authentication. This is noted in the New Features and Enhancements section of the Jamf Pro 10.35.0 release notes:

You can now use the Classic API to authenticate using Basic authentication or a Bearer Token retrieved through the /v1/auth/token Jamf Pro API endpoint for enhanced security. For information on Bearer Token authentication, see the Jamf developer resources:

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