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Extension attributes for Jamf Protect

I’ve started working with Jamf Protect and, as part of that, I found that I needed to be able to report the following information about Jamf Protect to Jamf Pro:

  1. Is the Jamf Protect agent installed on a particular Mac?
  2. Is the Jamf Protect agent running on a particular Mac?
  3. Which Jamf Protect server is a particular Mac handled by?

To address these needs, I’ve written three Jamf Pro extension attributes which display the requested information as part of a Mac’s inventory record in Jamf Pro. For more details, please see below the jump:

The three Extension Attributes do the following:

jamf_protect_installed.sh: Checks to see if Jamf Protect is installed and the agent is able to run.


Jamf Pro Extension Attribute Setup1

jamf_protect_status.sh: Checks and validates the following:

  • Jamf Protect is installed
  • The Jamf Protect processes are running


Jamf Pro Extension Attribute Setup3

jamf_protect_server.sh: Checks to see if Jamf Protect’s protectctl tool is installed on a particular Mac. If the protectctl tool is installed, check for and display the Jamf Protect tenant name.


Jamf Pro Extension Attribute Setup2

  1. November 6, 2020 at 2:18 pm

    And don’t forget that Jamf Pro 10.25 already includes EA templates for;

    Jamf Protect – Binary Version
    Jamf Protect – Last Check-in
    Jamf Protect – Last Insights Check-in
    Jamf Protect – Plan Hash
    Jamf Protect – Plan ID
    Jamf Protect – Smart Groups
    Jamf Protect – Threat Prevention Version

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