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Identifying vendors of installed Java JDKs using Jamf Pro

November 24, 2019 Leave a comment

Since Oracle’s license change for Java 11 and later took effect in October 2018, where Oracle announced that they would now be charging for the production use of Oracle’s Java 11 and later, the number of open source (and free) OpenJDK distributions has increased dramatically.

Before the license change, most Mac admins would only install Oracle Java on those Macs which needed Java. Now, the list of available vendors has broadened to include the following:

Note: There may be even more OpenJDK distributions available for macOS, but these are the ones I know of.

To help Jamf Pro admins keep track of which vendors’ Java distributions are installed on their Macs, I’ve written a Jamf Pro Extension Attribute to help identify them. For more details, please see below the jump.

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