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Building an installer package for

March 20, 2019 10 comments

One of the open-source contributions by the Apple@SAP team has been, a tool designed to grant or take away administrator rights from accounts on macOS. The general idea behind Privileges is that it allows people to work with the account privileges of a standard user for day-to-day use, but allows them to get administrator rights when needed.

Documentation for can be found at the GitHub repo which hosts it, which is available via the link below:

However, one item not included in that documentation is how to package it for deployment. Instead, AutoPkg recipes were written and made available to automate the packaging process:

computername:~ username$ autopkg search com.github.rtrouton.Privileges
Name Repo Path
—- —- —-
Privileges.munki.recipe apfelwerk-recipes Privileges/Privileges.munki.recipe
Privileges.install.recipe rtrouton-recipes Privileges/Privileges.install.recipe
Privileges.munki.recipe rtrouton-recipes Privileges/Privileges.munki.recipe
Privileges.jss.recipe rtrouton-recipes JSS/Privileges.jss.recipe
Privileges.pkg.recipe rtrouton-recipes Privileges/Privileges.pkg.recipe rtrouton-recipes Privileges/
To add a new recipe repo, use 'autopkg repo-add <repo name>'
computername:~ username$

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However, not everyone is able to use AutoPkg in their environment, so manual packaging instructions are now available here. For more details, please see below the jump:

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