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Backing up macOS scripts from Jamf Pro

December 8, 2018 1 comment

When working with scripts for managing Macs on Jamf Pro, I prefer to download then and back them up to GitHub or a similar internal source control tool. The reason I do this is the following:

  1. I have an off-server backup for the scripts
  2. I can track changes to the scripts

While I’ve usually had copies of the scripts stored elsewhere, sometimes I would make changes to the scripts on Jamf Pro and then not update the offline copy of the scripts with my changes. Being able to download them from my Jamf Pro server would mean that I could always have a copy of the latest version of the script in production.

To help me with this, I’ve written a script to do the following:

  1. Use the Jamf Pro API to identify the Jamf Pro ID numbers of the scripts.
  2. Download each script using its Jamf Pro ID number as raw XML.
  3. Format the downloaded XML
  4. Identify the display name of the script
  5. Extract the script from the downloaded XML
  6. Save the script as Display Name Goes Here to a specified download directory.

For more details, please see below the jump.

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