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Disabling Jamf Pro LDAP wildcard searches to speed up user and group lookups

May 27, 2018 3 comments

When setting up Jamf Pro, one of the options you have is to integrate it with your company, school or institution’s LDAP-based directory service. Connecting Jamf Pro to LDAP allows you to query your organization’s directory service for information and also allows the use of your existing user accounts and groups when requiring logins or scoping policies.

When setting up Jamf Pro to connect to a directory service, there’s a Use Wildcards When Searching¬†setting with the following description:

Allow partial matches to be returned when searching the LDAP directory

Screen Shot 2018 05 27 at 12 19 00 PM

What this setting does is that it allows Jamf Pro to use wildcards when making LDAP searches of your directory service. That allows Jamf Pro to return search results that may only partially match what you told it to search the directory service for.

For directory services with fewer than five thousand user accounts and/or groups, having this option enabled is usually fine. However, once the directory service is larger than that, disabling the Use Wildcards When Searching setting may dramatically speed up user and group lookups. For more details, please see below the jump.

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