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Oracle Java 10 JDK and JRE installation scripts for macOS

April 19, 2018 4 comments

Oracle has started to release Java 10 for macOS, so I’m posting a couple of scripts to download and install the following:

Oracle has been releasing two separate versions of Java 8 simultaneously and may do the same for Java 10, so these Java 10-focused scripts are designed to allow the user to set which version they want to install: the CPU release or the PSU release.

The difference between CPU and PSU releases is as follows:

  • Critical Patch Update (CPU): contains both fixes to security vulnerabilities and critical bug fixes.
  • Patch Set Update (PSU): contains all the fixes in the corresponding CPU, plus additional fixes to non-critical problems.

For more details on the differences between CPU and PSU updates, please see the link below:

For more information, please see below the jump.

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