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Using to download macOS High Sierra installers

February 27, 2018 5 comments

Starting with macOS Sierra, Apple moved the macOS Installer applications from being exclusively an App Store download to now being included in the regular Software Update catalogs. This means that it’s possible to download macOS installers, including those for macOS betas or hardware-specific macOS builds, using the command-line softwareupdate tool.

To assist with this task, Greg Neagle has written a Python script named is designed to do the following:

1. Parse a specified Software Update feed.
2. Identify the listed products which appear to be macOS installers.
3. Display a menu of the available choices.

Once you’ve selected from the available options, the script does the following:

4. Creates a disk image and names it with the appropriate information for the specified macOS installer.
5. Mounts the disk image.
6. Downloads all the relevant packages from the Software Update feed for the specified macOS installer.
7. Installs the packages onto the disk image.
8. Unmounts the disk image.
9. Stores the disk image in the current working directory (this is likely going to be the logged-in user’s home folder.)

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