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Building a NetBoot utility disk

May 18, 2016 3 comments

As part of providing support for the Macs in my shop, I build and use utility disks which contain useful utilities like DiskWarrior and Carbon Copy Cloner. My shop’s network supports NetBoot across subnets, so I also build NetBoot sets from the utility disks. The reasons I do this are the following:

  1. Having a utility disk available via NetBoot means I always have access to a utility disk when needed.
  2. The other members of my team also have access to the same utility disk when they need it.
  3. Nobody needs to carry around external drives with the utility software.
  4. Updates to the utility disk can be made in a centralized fashion.

For details on how I’m building NetBoot sets from utility disks, please see below the jump.

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