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Displaying documentation of all options available with the Casper agent

I recently learned that there’s a way to display all the various verbs which can be used with the Casper agent’s jamf binary in one list, including the verbs which are normally hidden from view. For more details, see below the jump.

To access this documentation, go to a Mac which has Casper’s agent installed and run the following command with root privileges:

jamf help -all

Usage: jamf verb [options]
verb is one of the following:
about Displays information about the jamf binary
bind Binds this computer to a directory service
bless Blesses a System or a NetBoot Server
canRunOnThisOSXVersion Prints YES if this version is compatible with this OSX version.
checkJSSConnection Checks the availability of the JSS
createAccount Creates a new local account on the system
createConf Creates a configuration file that the jamf binary uses to find the JSS
createHooks Creates and configures login/logout hooks
createSetupDone Ensures the Setup Assistant does not launch on the next boot
createStartupItem Creates a startup script to contact the JSS
deleteAccount Deletes a local account from NetInfo or the local dscl database
deletePrinter Deletes a printer from the system
deleteSetupDone Causes the Setup Assistant to launch on the next boot
displayMessage Displays a message to the current user
enablePermissions Enables permissions on a volume
encryptDisk Activates disk encryption on this computer
enroll Enrolls this computer with the JSS
fixByHostFiles Fixes the ByHost files
fixDocks Repairs docks that have question marks after certain OS Updates
fixPermissions Fixes the permissions on a given target
flushCaches Flush cache files for the system and/or users
flushPolicyHistory Flush the policy history on the JSS
getARDFields Displays the ARD Fields on a volume
getComputerName Displays the computer name on a volume
heal Run self healing for all packages on this computer
help Displays this message or details on a specific verb
install Installs a package
installAllCached Installs all packages that are cached
launchAgent Sends events on a per user basis to the jamf daemon.
launchDaemon Performs actions in an ongoing daemon process.
listUsers Lists all the users on the computer
log Log the IP address, action, and username to the JSS
manage Enforces the entire management framework from the JSS
mapPrinter Maps a printer
mcx Apply Managed Preferences
mdm Prepares the computer for use with MDM commands.
modifyDock Installs or removes items in all users docks
mount Mounts a file share
notify Checks the JSS for new notification messages
policy Checks for policies on the JSS
reboot Reboots the computer
recon Runs Recon to update the inventory in the JSS
reenroll Shorcut for enroll -reenroll -archiveDeviceCertificate
removeFramework Removes the JAMF Binary and associated files from the computer.
removeMdmProfile Removes the JAMF MDM Profile
removeSWUSettings Remove settings that point SWU at internal servers
resetPassword Resets a local user's password
runScript Runs a script
runSoftwareUpdate Run Software Update
scheduledTask Create a JAMF scheduled task
setARDFields Sets the ARD Fields
setComputerName Sets the computer name
setHomePage Sets the default home page for users
setOFP Sets the Open Firmware mode and password
startSSH Starts the ssh server
trustJSS Adds a trust for the JAMF CA into the System keychain.
uninstall Uninstalls a package
unmountServer Unmounts a file server
update Updates the jamf binary and related applications to the latest version from the JSS.
updatePrebindings Updates the prebindings on a volume
version Prints the version of this application
Global Flags:
-displayJSSTraffic Displays the total network traffic between the jamf binary and the JSS
-randomDelaySeconds Delays a random amount of time before starting
Specify the maximum number of seconds as the next parameter
-verbose Shows verbose events
-showPID Prints the PID of the process
jamf help <verb> will provide details on that verb

You can also run this command without root privileges. In that case, the verbs included with the hidden documentation will not appear in the list.

Screen Shot 2016 04 13 at 9 09 21 AM

  1. April 14, 2016 at 9:07 pm

    Interesting…there is an “enroll” and a “reenroll”.

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