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Certificate authority expiration and Apple software updates

February 10, 2015 3 comments

A while back, there was an issue when the certificate Apple used to digitally sign installers expired. This issue was handled by Apple in a couple of ways:

  1. Reissuing installers signed with an updated certificate
  2. Adding the -allowUntrusted function to the installer command line tool

In the past couple of weeks, Apple has released new versions of a number of updates, which are now available for download by folks running Apple’s Software Update service or third-party tools like Reposado. Most of these updates were for older OSs where Apple has since stopped providing new updates. When these updates were checked, there didn’t seem to be any difference between the “old” and “new” versions of the installers.

So why is Apple pushing new copies of the updates to Mac admins’ software update servers? The answer appears to be again in the digital signing of the updates. For more details, see below the jump.

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