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Free tools for the budget-minded Mac admin

February 4, 2015 12 comments

In the ##osx-server IRC room, a question that comes up fairly often from new Mac admins is one similar to this:

I’m on a tight budget. Are there any free tools that I can use to help manage my Macs?

There are a lot of free tools available to Mac admins, a number of which are community-built open-source tools. Here’s a list of free tools to get started with:

Update 2-4-2015: Tom Bridge has put together a list of free or cheap Mac sysadmin tools.

Imaging and machine building

Installer package building and development

FileVault 2 recovery key management

Mac management


OS installation and upgrades

Software management and deployment

Know of any more free tools to help manage Macs? Got a favorite that you think is missing from the list? Let me know in the comments.

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