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Using OS X 10.8’s fdesetup tool and non-enabled admin accounts to enable users for FileVault 2 on Mavericks and Yosemite

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Back in OS X 10.8.x, one of the newly-created fdesetup tool’s functions was to enable users for FileVault 2. To do so, you needed to provide both the username and password of either a previously enabled account or an admin account, as well as the password of the account you want to add.

One interesting twist was that the admin user in question did not themselves need to be enabled for FileVault 2. In my testing on 10.8.x, I found that an admin user could authorize the enabling of other accounts even if the admin account wasn’t enabled. An admin account could also enable itself using this process, by being both the authorizing admin account and the account being enabled.

In Mavericks and later, this behavior changed. If you’re using Mavericks or Yosemite, the fdesetup tool included with those operating systems now prevents non-enabled admin users from enabling other non-enabled users.

That seemed to close the book on non-enabled admin accounts being able to enable users for FileVault 2, until Google’s Macintosh Operations Team posted a script that they said would make a Mac unbootable.

As part of the discussion about that script, something really interesting was discovered. For more details, see below the jump.

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