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Converting video files to play on both Macs and PCs with Handbrake

May 12, 2014 1 comment

Telestream’s recent conversion of Flip4Mac from a free app to a paid one has left many Mac admins without a free vendor-supported solution to display Windows Media files in. One particular niche that Flip4Mac has filled for me over the years has been with groups collaborating across platforms on shared presentations. Flip4Mac allowed embedded .avi and .wmv movies created on Windows to work without many issues in PowerPoint presentations that were ultimately given on a Mac.

In situations like this, if paying for the Flip4Mac plug-in isn’t an option, the best fix is going to be converting the video files from a platform-specific format to one that is supported on multiple platforms. A good candidate here is going to be the MP4 format using the H.264 video codec and fortunately, there’s free tools like Handbrake available to help with this conversion. See below the jump for how to convert a Windows Media File to MP4 format using Handbrake.

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