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Filing bugreports with Oracle for Mac OS X’s Java 7

February 23, 2013 1 comment

Want to file a bug report about an issue having to do with Java 7 for OS X? It can be tricky to find the right place to submit it, so here’s some guidance for filing it in the right place.

Update: I’ve been informed that it is necessary to install the current JRE of Java 7 from the Oracle JDK7 test site before Oracle will accept bug reports from you.

JDK7 is available from, with the download site being

The reason that Oracle does it this way is that they want customers to use Oracle Java SE Support. This is for-pay support and Oracle’s preferred way for non-developer customers to get support.

All that said, if the issue you’re running into also occurs on the JRE from the Oracle JDK site, file a bug using the procedure below.

For example, here’s how to file a bug report for the Java 7 installer for OS X.

1. Go to

2. Scroll down to the Submit a Bug section

3. Check the box for Check this box to indicate that you understand this is not a place to receive support….

4. Click the Start a new Report button.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 7.12.14 PM

5. On the next page, go to the Start A Report: section

6. For an installer bug, select the following:

Type: Bug

Product/Category: Java Platform Standard Edition (JDK/JRE)

Subcategory: JDK/JRE installation (install)

Release: Java Platform Standard Edition 7

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.7 (Oracle VM)

7. When ready to proceed, click the Continue button.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 7.14.19 PM

8. On the next page, provide the information requested to file your bug report and click the Submit button when completed.

Screen Shot 2013-02-22 at 7.20.53 PM

Good luck! Filing bug reports doesn’t guarantee that your problem will be fixed, but it raises the odds that it will be. Not filing it may mean that Oracle is completely unaware of the problem and thus will never fix it.

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