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Fully automating installation of automatically-generated installers

November 11, 2012 Leave a comment

As part of your Mac’s standard build process for your environment, you may need to install certain packages that are generated for you by another process. A good example may be your workplace’s central antivirus management console, or a systems management tool.

Generally, these applications are installed once and then the centralized management server takes care of managing and updating them on your Macs afterward. For that first install though, they still need to be installed on your Macs and it’s usually a manual process for Mac admins to copy the latest installer from wherever it’s stored and add it to the build process.

However, if you have access to where the installer is stored, you can script the process of installation and fully automate the process of getting the latest installer and installing it on your Mac. See below the jump for an example of how to do this with Sophos Antivirus.

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