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Creating Apple Developer ID-signed Casper QuickAdd installer packages

August 13, 2012 9 comments

With 10.8, Apple introduced Gatekeeper as a way to allow users to define which sources they would trust for downloading applications. This functionality was also available by 10.7.x, but not turned on by default.

By default, Gatekeeper allows applications downloaded from the Mac App Store and applications signed by certified Apple developers to be launched. This restriction also applies to application installers. If a downloaded installer package is not signed with an Apple developer certificate, Gatekeeper treats it as an unknown installer and does not allow it to launch without being manually overridden.

As part of supporting OS X 10.8, Casper 8.6 includes the ability to sign Casper QuickAdd agent installer packages. If you need to have signed QuickAdd packages for your own Casper environment, see below the jump for how to obtain the needed certificates.

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