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Updated FileVault 2 status check script now available

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Since releasing the original version of my FileVault 2 encryption status check script , it was brought to my attention that there was a reporting problem with it. It worked fine with one FileVault 2 encrypted drive in the Mac but multiple encrypted drives (like an encrypted Time Machine backup drive) on the same Mac were causing the script’s reporting to have problems. Fortunately, I now have not one script where the problem has been fixed, but two! Both Peter Bukowinski and Mike Osterman stepped up and sent me fixes. If you had previously downloaded a copy of my script, I encourage you to get the new version.

Mike’s fixes have now been posted as part of my regular script and have been rolled into both the Casper Extension Attribute and the Absolute Manage Custom Info Item. Peter’s fix was a complete rewrite of my script to make it leaner and more efficient.

I’ve added Peter’s script to a new directory named scripts_by_third_parties. If anybody else wants to send me their own FileVault 2 status check scripts, please do so. I’ll be happy to host them here in my GitHub repo after testing them out and making sure they work.

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