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Updated script to activate the Java web plug-ins setting in 10.7

November 17, 2011 3 comments

A few months back, I posted a way to activate the Java web plug-ins from the command-line and also posted an accompanying script using PlistBuddy. At the time, I was only targeting the default user template as I was mostly doing test installs of 10.7 where I was creating new users. However, recently I’ve begun testing upgrades on machines with existing users and those users weren’t getting the new settings.

To fix this, I went digging in the latest build of DeployStudio. DeployStudio had recently included the ability to suppress the iCloud and gesture demos in ds_finalize, so I took a look to see if I could adapt what the DeployStudio developers had done for my own purposes. Sure enough, the answer to my problem was included as a for loop inside DeployStudio’s script. (For those interested and who have DeployStudio handy, this script is in stored in /Applications/Utilities/DeployStudio The new script is also now using defaults instead of PlistBuddy (hat tip to Chris Hotte for posting how to use defaults to set the correct plist values.)

See below the jump for what the new and improved Java-enabling script looks like.

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