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Active Directory home directory lookup AppleScript now updated for 10.7.x

November 15, 2011 2 comments

A while back, I had posted an AppleScript that Peter Bukowinski and I had built to provide an easy-to-use way to look up the location of an Active Directory home folder. With the changes to the Active Directory plug-in on Mac OS X 10.7.x, the script also needed to be updated so I’m posting the updated script and code. The script should be usable on AD-bound 10.6.x and 10.7.x Macs, and Peter has added some new functionality to display the correct fileshare connection information for both Macs and Windows boxes.


In order to work correctly, the script needs for the Mac to be bound to an AD domain. The AD-bound Mac also needs to be connected to the AD domain via a domain-reachable network connection or via VPN.

Using the script:

Launch the script and provide the username in the blank provided, then click OK.

The home folder’s address will then be displayed in a dialog box, with the correct fileshare information for both Windows and Mac. You’ll also be prompted to copy the home folder information to the Mac’s clipboard for pasting (if needed.) Click OK to dismiss the dialog without copying the information. Clicking any of the buttons will quit the script.

As before, it should be pretty generic but the only location I’ve tested it at is here at my workplace. If you’re planning to use it on 10.7.x AD-bound Macs, check the code as you will need to make some edits.

Click here to download the script

Click here to download the source as a PDF document

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