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Running without Recovery HD

As a follow-up to my previous post, two colleagues across the sea have pointed me towards this KBase article on the Recovery HD partition:


Key part :

Recovery HD is not needed to install and run OS X Lion and even access most of its capabilities and new features, but some features are not available without a Recovery HD installed on your computer. You will be able to run OS X Lion and all your favorite, compatible software titles. Many of the new features of OS X Lion will be available to you.

You won’t be able to use FileVault disk encryption to secure your data. You won’t have the on-disk utilities for disk repair and setting a firmware password.

They were able to confirm with Apple that this meant that, while it was desirable to have a recovery partition, your 10.7 installation does not have to have it to be an Apple-supportable installation.

Hat tip: Harald and Martin

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