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Setting the Office 2011 My Day application to only show specific calendars

June 1, 2011 Leave a comment

I had a question come up today, where one of my users asked how they could make their My Day application show only the calendar of the person they were administratively supporting. I did some poking around and here’s how you can set My Day to selectively show calendars:

1. Launch Outlook 2011.

2. In Outlook, select My Day under the Window menu

3. When the My Day application launches, go into the My Day menu and select Preferences

4. In the My Day Preferences, select Calendars. This will open the Events window.

5. In the Events section marked Show these calendars in My Day:, choose the Outlook calendars that you want to show up in My Day.

(Note: Only those calendars that you’ve previously added to your Outlook calendar listing will show up as selectable.)

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