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The iPhone: Young-European-working-in-America magnet


I’m on vacation this week with La in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and I’ve discovered that my iPhone is a magnet for young Europeans working overseas for the summer. They all wanted to know one thing: Did I think that buying it was a good idea? Sadly, I had to tell them that, for their particular situation (the not-staying-in-the-US situation), buying the iPhone in the US was not the best idea at this time due to AT&T locking the iPhone. They wouldn’t be able to swap the SIM card when they got home, so they’d be stuck. I advised them all to wait a little while, either for the iPhone to become available in Europe, or for AT&T (or a third party) to unlock the iPhone to use other SIMs.

They also generally wanted to know how well it worked, and there I was able to oblige with a demo.

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