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Now that it’s all over: Thoughts on WWDC 2007

I’d meant to post something (anything, really) during my sojourn to WWDC 2007, but I wasn’t really that motivated to do so, or take pictures for that matter (fortunately, lots of other people did.) I heard a number of people posting that they were disappointed; that WWDC 2007 was really WWDC 2006 2.0.) Honestly, it did feel a lot like that because we were covering the same applications and OS features. What changed between 2006 and 2007? The technology now works. 2006’s demos left a little something to be desired in that department, inasmuch as there were demos where the phrase “We haven’t written that yet” for features was heard from time to time. The OS X Server builds that came out of WWDC 2006 were also very buggy and a lot of the new features just didn’t work or (even better) did work but the interface for managing the new wizbang stuff didn’t work.

At WWDC 2007, I got builds that have the new technology actually working. All the difference in the world to me. I also got good feedback on a few things that I can’t really talk about yet, lest Apple Legal come after me for violating my NDA.

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