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I LOVE Apple Remote Desktop today.

I just got done making sure that some software needing for a training class tomorrow was pushed out to 50-odd PowerBooks. It took three hours to run the job. I was able to start the job from a PowerBook running Apple Remote Desktop remote administration software (ARD), then leave. Three hours later, I connected from home using my laptop’s ARD software to the ARD PowerBook via work’s VPN, took control of the ARD PowerBook and double-checked the training laptops to make sure they all had both the software installed and the training files. In between setting up the job and checking on its completion, I’d driven home, gotten some dinner, chatted with my future mother-in-law about a plumber visit tomorrow and talked to my best friend on the phone. Without ARD, I could have been in that training room all that time installing that software on those 50-odd machines. No thanks! Thanks to ARD, I didn’t have to. That’s why I love ARD today. 

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