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Apparently, when you turn 30, the gifts are really cool.

I'm heading into the final days of being able say “Yeah, I'm in my twenties.” Not that that seems to stop some people from continuing to say that for a couple more decades, but I've decided for myself that I'm going to go into my thirties with as much grace as possible, especially since I'd like to live to a ripe old age and whimpering about entering the next seventy percent of it (I hope!) strikes me as whiny. Besides, for my 30th, I'm gotten some really cool gifts. 
My wonderful sister, reaching back into our childhood to our favorite books when we were in high school, bought me a number of books by the poet and author Richard Willard Armour. He wrote a number of satirical books, including The Classics Reclassified, It All Started With Europa, It All Would Have Startled Columbus, and It All Started With Hippocrates, among others. Most of his works are out of print at this point, but Mess managed to track down and send me all of the books listed above, making me very happy indeed. She also sent me a copy of a book that I'd loved and misplaced years ago (I suspect Mom packed it off to the thrift shop as a donation years ago), You're Stepping on My Cloak and Dagger by Roger Hall, a book which chronicles “a hilarious account of what really happened in the O.S.S – at least to Roger Hall.” 
My darling La got me a wonderful gift as well (and also gave it to me early,) but that deserves its own entry, such is its wonderfulness, so I'll be posting a separate entry on that shortly.  

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