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Brain. Blown. Need. Caffeine.

I remember the days of yore, when being a Mac technician meant that Unix was something for the other guy, and XWindows was something you had to buy extra software for. Compiling Unix software was something you never expected to have to do, and were never expected to do.

Of course, back in those halcyon days of yore, I'd be lucky if I didn't wind up restarting my workstation at least once a week. Sometimes more often, if I'd managed to break something in the course of my experimenting. Force-quit certainly wasn't the near-painless thing it is in OS X. But sometimes…..sometimes…..I miss the fact that I didn't deal with Unix, or if I did, it was through the safe remove of a remote terminal session and somebody else had to worry about the widgets and geegaws on the other end. Nobody asked me then to figure out how to make the command line software on the server work right, I was an end user who just wanted it to work.

On the other hand, I just figured out how to compile a heavy-duty genetic sequencing package, configure it (I hope) correctly, set up XWindows to allow remote terminal sessions, and do it all from scratch, with only the combined knowledge of Google and MacOSXHints to help out. It's not the kind of thing that you put on a resume (tempting as it is to shout this particular triumph from the rooftops) but it is something to be proud of if you've never done it before. Man, does my brain feel tired.

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