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Getting dissed for not blogging.

Man, when I get dissed for blogging, I really get dissed. Intercontinental dissing, as a matter of fact. Madchen is extremely sad about my lack of blog, and both she and are giving me a hard time about it. Protests that there's been a lot going on at work, and that I try not to talk about work on my blog, have fallen on deaf ears. Whining that my inspiration runs in spurts got me nowhere. Proclaiming that I had figured out how to blog from my Treo 650 got me no plaudits.

Fine, fine! You want blog, here's blog!

I've made some changes around the house, with regards to our sound system. Part of the plan for the wedding is that we will be running our own music setup, with a set of six strategically placed wireless speakers, a wireless transmitter and a laptop running iTunes providing the tunes. 's putting together the music list and my job is to figure out how to make it all work together. I've acquired the speakers now, since Geeks.com had a great deal on refurbished RCA 900MHz wireless speakers, and I've managed to get all six speakers talking to one transmitter. So that's now done. If only everything was that easy….

I'm also working on refinancing the house, since rates are starting to edge back up again. Fortunately, 's uncle is a mortgage broker, so we're locked in with a good rate. I'm meeting with the appraiser on Friday so that he can say that the house is worth a lot more than we paid for it (yay!) and I'm meeting with Uncle Broker on Monday evening. Hopefully, everything goes well so that we don't have to worry about rising mortgage rates after this.

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