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Be careful what you mock.

You may wind up getting it. That was the case this morning, where myself and stopped at Burger Thing for breakfast after picking up the X-Ray films that her doctor needed. We'd been mercilessly mocking BK's new Enormous Omelet Sandwich ever since it came out, and we were determined not to ever order it. So this morning, when we pulled away from BK, we rooted around in our bag and discovered that instead of the Western Omelet Croissan'wich and French Toast sticks that we'd ordered, we were the proud possessor of French Toast sticks and the object of our mockery, the massive Enormous Omelet Sandwich. Poor La was quite astonished that this, of all things, had snuck into our bag. Since I'm a gallant Flounder, I offered to trade her my breakfast for hers. When I took it from her, I nearly dropped it as its substantial weight caught me off guard. (It's a half pound sandwhich, I learned.) I ate about half of it, due to its completely whack nutritional value. Frankly, I was underwhelmed as the taste was nothing to write home about. For 730 calories and 47 grams of fat, I wanted heaven on my tongue. I didn't get it, and I'm not going to get it anymore.

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