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MiG Tipping.

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How boring can an overseas posting be? This boring:

MiG Tipping, Not Tension, at U.S. Base Near Iran

Iran and the United States may be in the midst of a war of words over Tehran's nuclear plans, but there is little evidence of the tension at a former Soviet base in Afghanistan, now home to U.S. troops.

The sprawling air base lies close to the border with Iran and life there is so slow that U.S. troops at times resort to “MiG tipping” — a game that involves standing on the tail of one of the many wrecked Soviet-era planes and tipping its nose up.

“It's a pretty pointless and silly thing to do,” said one serviceman. “But there really isn't that much to do around here.”

American troops established themselves at the windswept base in August after fighting there between rival Afghan factions.

Some of the post-tipping MiGs

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