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Vomit, smartphones and it's my birthday.

had a hellish night last night, the details of which can be found over on her LJ. Nothing scares you more than hearing the woman you love yell for you out of a sound sleep at 1:30AM in that tone that says “HELP!” It's even worse when you can't pull anything useful out of your head to help with. I was able to follow directions like “Get me a cup” when she'd vomited and wanted to wash the taste out of her mouth. I also fed her Gas-X, on the theory that it could be gas. Next, I checked the web. Google is really good at searching for what you want, but it's less useful if you have no idea what the heck it is you really want. I typed in “Acute pain” and was rewarded with lots of info about back pain. I double-checked with , and no, that wasn't the problem. I then surfed over to WebMD and checked for “acute pain” there. Appendicitis? Hell. A lot of the symptoms matched.

Next, we called the hospital and were told that they couldn't give us medical advice over the phone, and to please call her primary physician. We then called our doctor's service, who paged the Doc. The Doc said it didn't sound like it was necessary to go into the hospital yet, and to see if the pain subsided. La's mother had her gall bladder out fairly young, so it could also be caused by that. Right about the time that the Gas-X box said it should kick in, the pain started to subside. Not appendicitis then, it would have laughed at Gas-X. Didn't rule out the gall bladder though.

She woke up this morning (later this morning?) and the pain had dissapated. She's made an appointment for the doctor for tomorrow. I don't think I've ever prayed for my darling to have severe gas so hard in all my life.

On another and happier topic, today's my birthday. I'm 29 years old. My sister, , is a wonderful person who recognized that I almost never really ask for things. (My top request for Christmas in recent years? Socks and underwear. I predict that the kids, once we have them, will get me many ties.) While I was talking to her about a week ago, she asked me what I wanted for my birthday. “Money for the wedding,” I replied. That's what I've been telling most people, when they ask. I also mentioned to her that I was thinking about getting the new Treo 650, as that had just come out for Cingular. I already have the Treo 270, but techno-lust is techno-lust. Ironically, as I was dismissing getting the 650 as being too expensive (that's money better spent on the wedding, after all), was conspiring with to get me my heart's desire. Long story short, Fed-Ex is supposed to be delivering my new Treo to my office today, just in time for my birthday.

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