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Wil Wheaton.

While I was looking into MacWorld this year, I noticed that Wil Wheaton was on the program this year, so I thought I'd check out his featured presentation this year. I'd read his blog over at WilWheaton.net on and off since about 2003. He hasn't been in my blog bookmarks in Safari, but I'm adding him now. He's a genuinely nice guy, who took time while he was signing my book to talk to me about if any of his books will be coming out in PDA format anytime soon. The short answer is “no, probably not,” because of piracy and the small market share. He mentioned considering maybe putting out a collection of his blog entries in PDA format, but he writes his books to put food on the table and I respect that. What really impressed me was the fact that he obviously knew what he was talking about and took the time to explain why he chose not to go that way which, considering the subject matter, was pretty cool.

I also had my picture taken with him:

I'm not terribly photogenic, so apologies to those who think they need one.

Moment of Zen

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