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Yet another reason that <lj user="poppy_girl"> rocks my world.

My darling La told me last night as we were leaving her firm's party that she had another Christmas gift for me (we'd opened them early, to much cries of delight from both of us) and asked if I wanted to open it. Since at that point I was working hard to keep my eyes open, I said I was in bad shape to make such an important decision, but please ask me again in the morning.

She asked me again this morning, and after mulling it for a moment, I said “Yes, please!”

What had my wonderful, kind, caring, loving gotten for me?


You may recall that I'd posted on this before and said how I wanted it. It's been useful immediately too, thanks to the fact the LAN Support office is pretty dark. (Why it's dark is a story that's too long to go into.) We'd gotten in an email asking if a certain machine was in our office under someone's desk. With the ID number included in the email, I popped on the flashlight attachment and was able to read the ID decal off the front of the machine. Now I just need to use the laser pointer in my next meeting.

Moment of Zen

I'll Take You for a Spin in My Apartment…

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