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Spam, spam, spam, spam….

December 16, 2004 Leave a comment

More lovely subject lines from my Yahoo account's Bulk Mail folder:

“Sexy Christy, you wanna see a hot babe, check her out”

Thanks, but I already have a hot babe. I have no desire for more.

“need advice meeting women”

Fortunately, you work in spam which seems to have sexy women busting out all over.

“Christy is the hottest porn star on the net! Videos here”


“Become debt-free by tomorrow!”

But how? How?

“Serious money on ebay”

So that's how.

“Vãlium for lses”

Danish for Dummies was apparently consulted here.

“Legally Cancel your credit card debt!”

Followed by “Legally Going to jail!”, I assume.

“SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT: Improve Your Sex Life with this Vibrating Ring!”

Only if it also turns me invisible and gets me followed by those butch Nazgul. Otherwise, no deal.

Yeah, I'm bored. But I'm going to go have fun tonight with at her firm's Christmas party. Whoo hoo!

Moment of Zen

Police Find Marijuana Stashed in Coffins

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