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Had a "Clean Out The Basement" sale at the Washington Apple Pi Garage Sale yesterday.

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I finally did what I had been meaning to do for a while: cleared out my office of some of my older computer equipment by selling it, with all proceeds going towards the sacred cause of paying off the credit cards.

Early yesterday morning, I set off for the Annadale campus of Northern Virginia Community College to set up a table at the Washington Apple Pi Macintosh User's Group annual Garage Sale. I paid my thirty bucks for a table with electricity and proceeded to set up and start selling a number of things, including a BookEndz dock for a Pismo, a set of external SCSI drives, and my Snow Airport base station, which I had replaced with two Aiport Expresses. I also managed to sell my older Handspring Treo 180, though I had forgotten to bring the sync cable with me and need to send it to the customer. I also sold a number of SCSI cables, 's old laptop and PDA, video adapters, and a number of laptop cards that I'd had for a while. The big seller of the day turned out to be Lucent wireless cards, since you can pop them into any laptop running Mac OS 9.2.2 and have them show up as Airport cards. I found out later that the reason they sold so well was that I had priced them twenty-five bucks under my competitors.

All in all, it was a good day. My Christmas shopping so far is now paid for, and I can throw about a hundred bucks extra at the Marriott card this month. Also, I've cleared up a lot of shelf space in my office. Yay!

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