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How much stuff do you really need?

and have both posted entries today on the stuff that they have, with relation to the stuff that they think they need. I don't pretend to have any deep insights into materialism, but I've prided myself the past couple of years on not having large amounts of “stuff”. Moving four times in three years (move from apartment to house inside Philadelphia, from Philadelphia to Tennessee, from Tennessee to Maryland, then the move from apartment to house inside Philadelphia) has in general kept me pretty lean. Stuff really hasn't had a good chance to accumulate, at least not stuff I don't use often. The one exception tends to be computer equipment, mainly because I've had a number of times where I haven't needed something archaic for a couple of years only to have it be the answer to someone else's conumdrum.

That being said, it's probably time to eBay some of it. I don't need the Wallstreet PowerBook BookEndz dock that I've gotten back from Jess. The ethernet port is broken on it, but I should be able to get a couple of bucks for it. Ditto for the SCSI 4x CD burner. Ditto for a lot of the stuff that I probably should have dumped a while ago. If nobody buys it, I'm sure the Salvation Army wouldn't mind having it. That, or save it for the Washington Apple Pi garage sale.

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