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More electoral vote tracking.

A couple more states have moved into the exactly tied category: Minnesota and New Hampshire. New Hampshire went from being barely for Bush and Minnesota went from being barely for Kerry. Other surprises included watching California slip from being a strong-for-Kerry state into a weak Kerry state. Ditto for Illinois.

I'm posting the September 19th, 24th and September 27th maps for comparison. September 19th is the top map, 24th the middle and the 27th is at the bottom:

What's it all mean? I can only speculate, so here goes. I think more people got turned off by Kerry dissing a foreign leader (that he might have to work with) than the campaign calculated. Also, the CBS memo scandal probably isn't helping.

Of course, it's not November 2nd, either. A lot can happen between now and then.

Update: I missed something else. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida have slipped from Bush to Kerry, Oregon and New Mexico are now polling for Bush. At this point, I don't know what these shifts mean, as the polling is shifting from day to day.

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